Clinical Research Services for Hospitals

1) Clinical Site Project Management

  • Overall coordination and management of clinical trials from startup to closeout
  • Direction of the technical, protocol-specific and operational aspects of clinical trials

2) Clinical Trial Contract Management

  • Preparation (or review), tracking and finalization of the clinical trial agreements inclusive of the study budget
  • Negotiation of clinical trial agreements and budget, facilitation of coverage analysis and communication of relevant billing information to the research team and processing of all agreements for execution

3) Quality Assurance

  • Preparation and/or execution of Clinical Quality Assurance Plans

4) Auditing & Inspections

  • Preparation for site audit
  • Mock site audits
  • CAPAs creation and execution

5) Training and Education (for Investigators, Study Coordinators, Study Nurses) 

GCP and Clinical Trial Conduct Training

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) principles
  • The role of a clinical research investigator in clinical research
  • Regulatory requirements for clinical research
  • Clinical research methodology and its role in pharmaceutical development
  • Preparation for site audit
  • Clinical trial documentation management

6) Data Management

  • SAS programming
  • Queries management / data cleaning

7) Biological and Clinical Data Analysis / Statistics

  • Data collection, validation and statistical processing in compliance with international standards

8) Investigational Product Logistics and Destruction

  • IMP logistics management
  • Distribution of study drug, health products and clinical trial supplies management
  • IMP destruction management

9) Medical Translation Services

  • Medical translation (English / Czech)

10) Clinical / Medical Professionals Resourcing

  • Outsourcing
  • Executive Search

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